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Mrs Salisbury

This is my 12th year of teaching and I have taught at St John's for nearly 2 years. I love teaching Reception and I'm very excited to be back after teaching in Year 1 for 2 years. As well as Reception I am also an Assistant Head of the school and I'll be the acting SENCo this year.

miss woodcock


This is my 5th year working at St Johns and I am looking forward to welcoming all new reception children and helping them to learn through play! I love creative things and enjoy baking, drawing, making jewellery and sewing in my spare time. I also have a cat who I like to spoil! I am super excited for September!


As a child I loved primary school, one of the reasons  for this was an amazing teacher who made learning fun and enjoyable and made everyone in her class feel special and valued.  I decided from an early age that I wanted to be like that teacher, I stuck with my dream and have never looked back! I feel blessed to be able to come to work every day and hopefully make a difference to the children that I teach and help them achieve their goals just like I did. 


Mrs Kosiorek

I always dreamed of working with children. 


10 years ago I started at St John's as a Midday Supervisor without knowing much English.  Every day since then I have learnt more and more, sharing my experience of learning English with reception children.  My passion is outdoor learning and I love to help our children explore and be creative.  I also love coffee!


Mrs Pugh

I began my journey in education working as a nursery nurse, where I had the opportunity to work with Reception children.  I loved it so much that I never looked back! I've now worked at St John's for 20 years and wouldn't want to work anywhere else!


Mrs Jones

I love working with children and watching them grow! I am passionate about children learning to read and I enjoy books and stories.  Working at St John's is a pleasure and more like being part of a family. I feel like I belong here.


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