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Mr S Richmond

Born and raised in Perth, Canada, I grew up on a large family farm where I learned young and fast about the importance of discipline and respect. I attended Bishop's University where I completed a degree in Sports Studies with specializations in Athletic Development, Health, and Psychology. Throughout my time there, I learned to balance work and play while competing with other universities in amateur golf tournaments. After graduating, I became a member of the PGA and worked as a teaching professional at the Perth Golf Course. This is where I found my love for working with and inspiring young athletes. I mainly focused my time with junior lessons and helping children understand the joys of the game. This left me wanting more, so I reached out to a nearby teaching agency with aspirations of becoming a teacher. Within 4 months, I found myself on a plane to the United Kingdom. My journey has lead me to St. John's Church School with nothing but excitement, curiosity, and the desire to become something more.

Mr Kay

I have had a passion for sport from an early age, specialising in Football, in which I represented for Hunts County several times. I also enjoy participating in sports like tennis, running, and netball. After graduating my Sports' and Physical Education Degree at Bedford I joined the St John's family in 2012.  I love inspiring our children - developing their skills, introducing them to new sports and I aim to pass on my passion and values along the way

Mrs Corleys

I’m so excited about sharing my passion of sport with the children here at St. John’s. Sport has had a big impact on my life, it has brought me some great opportunities such as playing football at high level, then I went on to coaching. My goal is to make all children find a love sport.


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