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Welcome to Year 3

Your Teachers for next year

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Mr Mucklin

I'm Mr Mucklin and this is my 4th year at St Johns. I am really excited about teaching Year 3 as I will be seeing some very familiar faces from last year in Year 2! I really enjoy teaching History and this year will be no different. Throughout the year, you will be bound to hear me talking about my football team, Peterborough United! I cannot wait to get strarted and see you all after summer, have fun!

Miss Riddy


After 14 years at St John's, I still love sharing our wonderful learning opportunities with the children I have the priviledge to teach and care forr. As you may know I am passionate about God, learning, reading and singing. I love to be creative and to be in an environment that is interesting, looked after and tidy! I am looking forward to being part of our amazing Year 3 team this year and learning all about what makes you who you are.

Mr Nay

I have been teaching since 1985, which is probably longe before most if not all of you were born! I came to St Johns in April 2002 and have had t he honour of teaching some of the current children's parents. I work mornings but stay all day on Wednesdays. Next year, I will be supporting the Year 3 team and hopefully I will be able to pass on some of my wisdom! Every new year is exciting and brings new challenges and I expect next year to be no different. Have a great summer and make yourself proud of yourselves when you return in Septemeber.

Miss Gaa

Hello, I'm Miss Gaa and this will be my first yeart at St John's and I am very excited to meet you all! I love travelling, acting, baking and spending time with my dog, Luna. I also have a background in Drama and Performance and I can't wait to use some of my perfomance skills and knowledge in my teaching to create a fun and engaging learning environment. I am looking forward to teaching Year 3 and joining the St. John's family!

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