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Welcome to Year 4

Your Teachers for next year

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Mr Hurford

I'm Mr Hurford and this is my 4th year at St John's and 11th year teaching. I am very excited to teach Year 4 and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces who I taught in Year 1 when I first came to St John's. I love teaching the whole curriculum and I especially love it when people in my class find something out that they can teach me! Next year will be a great year, I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am. Have a great summer.

Mrs McLay

Hello! My name is Mrs McLay! I have been a teacher now for 22 years and I absolutely love my job. I have 3 children of my own who keep me very busy. We love to spend time outdoors, biking, camping or climbing mountains! In my spare time I l also love listening to music, baking, cooking and sewing. I am really excited for September and looking forward to taking on all the new challenges of year 4 together. Have a fabulous, fun Summer and stay safe!

Miss Moles

Hello, I am Miss Moles. This will be my third year at St John's and I am very excited about our year ahead. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in Primary School so I look forward to inspiring you with lots of exciting learning. I love reading (especially Harry Potter) and you will rarely see me without a cup of tea. I hope you have a lovely Summer, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mrs Pleus

Hi my name is Mrs Pleus, and this will be my 6th year of teaching. I have a Masters degree in Education and I love teaching! I moved to England a year ago with my husband and our two children, and most of our time is spent outdoors with our dog, Macy. This will be my first year at St John’s and I cannot wait to meet all of you!

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