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On this page, you will find all you need to get around google and access the learning we have set up for you should the school have to close.


The first important step is to be able to sign in to your Google Suite account. This is the account your child uses to log into their Chromebook at school. You can access Google on any device, PC, Mac, tablet i.e iPad and or phone.

How you access Google will change in the experience slightly but generally the environment will be similar.

  1. On your device open a web browser. If you are using someone else's device i.e a gamily member, ensure that, if they have A personal Google account that they are signed out, before you sign in.

  2. Goto

  3. You should see in the top right area of the browser window a SIGN IN blue button

  4. Click this and sign in with your school email and your school password

  5. you should then now be able to access your email, Google Drive, etc.

NOTE: You can see all the Google Apps available in G Suite by clicking on the APP icon top right

Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 17.51.36.png
Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 17.56.06.png

You can also download many of the apps that G SUITE offers such as DOCS, GMAIL, CLASSROOM as apps on your phone iPad. For this to work you will need to sign in with your school account. If you do not you will not be able to see the resources your teacher has left for you.

STEP 2: 

Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 18.17.37.png


In year 6 we are going to be using GOOGLE CLASSROOM to deliver your lessons during school closure.

  • Sign in to Google and go to your APP icon as shown above and find Google CLASSROOM

  • When you arrive in GOOGLE CLASSROOM you will see VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS as shown right. You will only see the classes that you are a member of, so don't worry if some are missing. You should see a MATHS, ENGLISH and CURRICULUM class, RED, BLUE and ORANGE respectively.

  • Once you click in the class you will see very clear instructions on what you will be learning on that day. All of you will receive in-class training on how to use GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 18.15.15.png
Google Help videos
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