Praise and rewards are a central part of our behaviour policy and all adults are encouraged to notice children who are actively displaying these three key attitudes:

Being responsible,
Being respectful,
Being ready to learn.

We celebrate these achievements during Collective Worship and rewards include:

Merit badges

Each Monday, teachers select one child from their class to receive a merit badge based on Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power. ( These are a set of learning dispositions we have incorporated into our school ethos.


Being lost in your learning Recognising and ignoring distractions. 


Noticing patterns and detail Perseveringly in the face of difficulties


Making effective plans for your work.

Being flexible; being able to change your plans if needed Pulling out essential features from previous learning to help Knowing yourself as a learner.


Asking questions and being curious Identifying and making connections.


Using your imagination
Working things out methodically and rationally Making use of all the resources around you


nowing when to work on your own or with others
Working collaboratively and respecting other people’s opinions Being an active listener and having empathy. 


Adopting other’s positive habits and values

Golden Bench

Additionally, one child from each class is nominated to sit on the Golden Bench during merit Collective Worship.  These children have shown a positive attitude to learning throughout the week and the reasons for their selection are written on a postcard home.  Out of these nominees, one child is chosen by Mrs Foster to receive a prize from the Golden Box.

House Points

The whole school (including adults) are separated into four houses -
Reflective (yellow), Resilient (green), Reciprocal (blue) and Resourceful (red). All adults are encouraged to spot impeccable behaviour, WOW work and those children who display our 10 Christian Values.  Tokens worth 10 points each) are awarded and children put them in their corresponding coloured house box which is situated in the hall.  


There are also gold stars (worth 100 points) which are only given out by members of the Senior Leadership Team to those children who have gone above and beyond expectations. Each week, the points are counted and the House with the most have their colour ribbon attached to the House Trophy. At the end of each term, the house with the most points is rewarded with a team celebration.  In the past, this has included a picnic and games on Peanut Park or an ice-cream sundae and film in the Art Studio.

Postcards Home









Postcards home can be given out by any adult in the school and are awarded to children who have stood out and shown excellence.  Children are thrilled to receive them and look forward to sharing the good news, not only to family at home, but to other members of staff who can praise their achievements.

House Points

Each Friday, one child from each class is invited, by their class teacher, to celebrate their successes of the week, with Mrs Foster and Mrs Harwood.  The children talk about their achievements and enjoy the freshly made hot chocolate with their peers.  This is a special accolade which is very popular!

You will see photos each weekin the school newsletter of thechildren who have been specially selected to take part.