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School Uniform

Wearing school uniform is an important part of coming to school. It is a visible sign to children that they are part of our school community. We like the children to feel that they belong here and believe that wearing school uniform helps this.

Our school uniform is black or grey trousers/skirt, white or blue shirt/blouse and navy blue jumper/cardigan. School shoes should be black.


Sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts with

the school logoprinted on them can be

ordered from the school office or directly

from Total Clothing. They are sensibly

priced (please pay with your order) and

very hard wearing. Fleeces and fleece

jackets are also available. Of course, navy

cardigans or jumpers can also be bought

from many local shops.

Year 6

Our Year 6 students are required to wear a blazer and tie

which are provided by the school. They should wear hard

collar white shirts underneath their blazers, long sleeved

for winter and short sleeved for summer if preferred.



















PE Kit

The PE kit is black or navy blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms

and a plain white t-shirt with a navy or black sweater or

hooded jacket. Trainers or plimsolls to be changed into at

the beginning of PE lessons.

We recommend that long hair is worn up and require this

during PE lessons. Watches and earrings are acceptable

but these will need to be removed during PE lessons.

Other jewellery will be permitted for religious purposes.

Please ensure that your child is not wearing nail polish.

Please support our
 school by sending
     your child to
     school in the
   correct uniform


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