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Special Educational
Needs & Disabilities (SEND)


Miss Sally Walton

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Mrs Jayne Webster
Assistant SENCo

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Miss Emma Richardson
Family Liaison

At St John’s Church School, we pride ourselves on our inclusive and personalised curriculum which includes all children and supports pupils with a range of special educational needs. These needs can impact upon the child’s capacity to learn in all areas or they can be more specific. We support children with the following areas of need:

·       Communication and Interaction (such as Speech and Language difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorders)
·       Cognition and Learning (such as specific literacy/ numeracy difficulty)
·       Social, Mental and Emotional Health
·       Sensory and/or Physical (such as visual or hearing impairment and children with medical needs)

The SEND team work in partnership with children, parents/carers, class teachers, support staff and external agencies to organise and implement effective teaching and learning for pupils who have specific educational needs and/or disabilities.

How we support vulnerable pupils


Here at St John's Church School we are committed to creating an environment where all children thrive and strive to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to improving the life chances of children who are potentially vulnerable. Vulnerable children may need additional support for a number of reasons. The school works very effectively through the activity of its inclusion team to identify these vulnerabilities and to help children break down the barriers to learning and progress.

The inclusion team is managed by our Head of School Mrs Foster and consists of:

SENCo – Miss Sally Walton

​Sally is responsible for ensuring all children with special educational needs make the best possible progress. She does this by: liaising with staff on the best teaching methods, assessing children, ensuring children who need it have an individual education plan and where necessary instigating a request through an Education Health Care Plan for support for the child. Sally works closely with external agencies and other professionals.

Assistant SENCo - Mrs Jayne Webster

Jayne works with children who have a special educational need, she can work with individual or groups of children, analysing needs and supporting teachers to set up targeted support in the classroom.  Jayne works closely with parents and families.

The Inclusion Team meet weekly and invite teachers to their inclusion panel meeting. There are weekly welfare meetings too, where staff look at any causes of concern forms, behaviour forms and any issues brought forward from parents.

Family Liaison worker - Miss Emma Richardson

Emma works with families, supporting parents (often through the Early Help Assessment route). Emma has excellent links with many outside agencies and can signpost families to other organisations such as sleep solutions, bereavement counselling and young carers groups.


Below are our current SEND report and policy, which details how the school currently supports children with SEND. This should be viewed alongside the Local Authority Offer, by clicking the link below.


St John's Church School - SEND Policy October 2022

St John's Church School - Special Education Needs Information Report 2022 to 2023

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