Mr Munday

In 2008, having spent 25 years working in Financial Services I found myself out of work as a Mortgage Adviser following a collapse in the housing market and in need of work to support my young family. I found that opportunity at St John's, giving me a completely different work role, working alongside all those who together make up St John's Church School ( where my own children have attended over the years). Providing support to those who need it, having a positive impact on our working environment to make the school the best we can, is what makes this job so worthwhile.


Mrs Solovjova



Mrs Turner

I worked as a childminder for 8 years until my youngest child was settled in school when I got a full time job at the Orton St John’s preschool, working there for 9 years until 2019, when the opportunity came up to work as an assistant caretaker here, a role which I thoroughly enjoy and which I love doing.


Mrs Stewart



Mr Bartycha

Taking up my job at St John’s was the best decision to develop my cooking skills.

Cooking is not only a passion but I love to create and cook wonderful healthy food for our youngest generation

Head Chef

My career as a catering assistant at St John's began in 2019.  I have a passion for cooking and baking and I'm grateful for this opportunity to work with an absolutely great team!  My goal is to stay in education and teach children British Sign Language.  I feel I belong here.

Catering Assistant

Mrs Knap