I spend every working day be surrounded by wonderful staff and children. An environment where every moment counts, every positive action rewards us all with incredible reactions. To see our children grow and learn in the way they do is truly awe inspiring and what motivates and drives us all. 

For 13 years I have been part of the St John's community and I can think of nowhere else I would rather be.


Mr S Hollingsworth

Business & Innovation Manager

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I have been working at St John's for many years supporting the IT within the school, it has been great to be a part of an amazing school and to support other local schools. Over my time at St John's, I have been able to develop my IT skills and be a part of some amazing projects.


Mr J Cunnington

Senior Network Technician

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I have been working for St John's for about 5 years now, and it has been quite a learning experience! Moving from Industry into Education is hugely different, but one that has taken me down some entirely new paths of IT.


Supporting students and teachers alike is rewarding, providing systems and hardware that adds to the educational experience of IT learning. It is good to be involved in nurturing and developing these areas in the numerous schools I visit, and to see my work benefitting others. We have a great team here at St John's and I am glad to be part of it.


Mr M Buckey

Network Technician

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I have always known from a young age that I wanted to do something artistic and what better opportunity than to work in an environment where a child's imagination and creativity is sparked on a daily basis?  I have had the pleasure of working at St John's since 2004, where I began my career working as a Learning Mentor; removing barriers to learning.  My creativity and passion for creating the perfect learning environment has seen my role develop to the one I have today. I love working in a school where innovation and collaboration are embedded in our culture and developing the whole child always remains at the heart of our vision.

Mrs L Kent

Learning Environment Co-Ordinator