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A 'humerus' science lesson

This week in Year 3 in Science we have been learning about the role of the skeleton, joints and muscles. We learnt this by making a model hand; we taped string to the hand and the tape represented the joints while the string acted as the tendons and muscles.

The children learnt that as they pulled on different parts of the string, the hand would move. However, they noticed that our human hands are much more flexible than the card representation! The children also considered how important the skeleton is and the role that it plays in the human body.

In English we have been writing a recount of the book 'Stone Age Boy', the children have learnt to write in first person, as if they are Stone Age Boy and have created some wonderful pieces of writing which we will be editing, rewriting and then presenting beautifully in our books. We are all looking forward to our write up!

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