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Book Chat: Reading with your Child Episode 2

Top Tips:

1.       Pose questions: Open questions encourage thinking and discussion, such as, ‘How do you think the boy is feeling?’. Try to avoid closed questions, such as ‘What colour is that?’; these have a single answer and don’t keep the conversation going.

2.       Draw attention to illustrations: Encourage your child to notice details in the pictures and think what they might mean, for example, ‘Look! What’s that hiding, what do you think it might be?’.

3.       Ponder and wonder: Encourage your child to think about what might happen, using phrases such as, ‘I wonder if/ whether /who/ why/ what ...’.

Please see this example below: Richard Charlesworth (Teacher) reads A House that Once Was by Julia Fogliano and illus. by Lane Smith for 7+

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