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Finding inspiration and aspiring to be...

Here are some anecdotes from the children about how they felt and their thoughts and feelings following last week's collective worship led by the motivational speaker, Paul Griffiths...

I felt inspired when Paul said this morning, when choosing someone, that it was always going to be if it was their destiny to be great. Mica
I really want to be like Paul - he likes climbing and jumping off things! Ben
Mia reminded me that change is good. The time spent with Paul this morning was very 'timely' in that we had just talked about routine and my need for routine...then Paul said that routine is the death of us. Mia and I locked eyes and we knew that he was right as Mia had reminded me just before that 'not all change is bad'! Mrs Harwood
I think Paul has been to some amazing places. Heston
Paul has inspired me to learn new skills and take more risks on my visit to Grafham later this year. Amelia

Mrs Henson explained how 2RC had their Forest School session directly after Collective Worship! Paul really sparked their imaginations and they shared their holiday adventures with enthusiasm and passion for life. The positive energy he brought this morning was infectious, children smiled and took time to be present in the moment.  What a wonderful way to end our first week back.

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