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Harvest Festival Update

We are going to do something a little different with harvest this year.

We have talked to food bank about which items they most require. Some might seem a bit strange but it would really help them if we could meet their specific needs.

Each year group will collect a different one of these items and then we will take one example of them to church. Everything else will be picked up from school by the Food bank van.

Think about how much we could collect if everyone brought in just one item!

When we go to church, each year group will need to select a child to go to the front to argue why their item is the most important.

So here's what you will be collecting:

R - Tinned Fruit

Y1 - Tinned spaghetti

Y2 - Tinned Rice pudding

Y3 - Tinned tomatoes

Y4 - Pasta sauces

Y5 - male/female deodorants

Y6 - male/female shower gels

Thank you all for your support

Mrs Riddy and all at St John's

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