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No stone ( Soap Bar ) unturned...

It's been a wonderful first term in year 3; we continued our exploration of The Stone Age. We made our own Stone Age axes in our DT lessons; we used soap (as opposed to flint) to carve our axe heads and then we attached our axe heads to a length of wood using twine which we wrapped tightly around the soap and the wooden handle.

We then used our DT learning in our writing lessons, where we wrote instructions for 'How to Make a Stone Age Axe'. The children were able to apply everything that they had learnt in their English lessons to their instructions and they included a rhetorical question, bullet points, imperative verbs, adverbs and time conjunctions.

In Maths the children have explored the topic 'addition and subtraction' where the children started by using resources to add and subtract and then were taught to use the formal method. We then moved on to 'multiplication and division' where the children learnt how they can use an array to create multiplication and division facts and how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number. The children have worked very hard at practicing these new skills.

Mrs Cunnington

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