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"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

It has been an exciting start to year 6 for the pupils.

They have responded admirably to their new responsibilities as the role models for the school, and have presented themselves fantastically in their new uniforms. Most have now mastered the art of tying their ties, which can be a little tricky and are well on the way to being ready for secondary school.

This week we have been visited by the Young Shakespeare Company who performed Romeo and Juliet - Beautifully may I add- for the year 6 pupils. They brought the whole story to life, with the help of the pupils. It was amazing to see how engrossed and immersed the pupils were in the whole portrayal of the story. There was even a few tears from a select few, who showed a real empathy, which we have been looking at in our English lessons this week.

Great start year 6

Mr Jelleyman

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