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Spanish Day

We are thrilled to share the highlights of an exciting Spanish Day that took place in Year 4 this week.

The children had a fantastic time immersing themselves in Spanish culture and language. One of the highlights of the day was the performance of Spanish Christmas songs by our talented Year 4 students and the other members of KS2. Their enthusiasm and dedication truly shone through, making it a memorable moment for everyone, resulting in an encore of our song because everyone enjoyed it so much. 

In addition to the musical showcase, the children embraced their creative sides by crafting Spanish Christmas cards. These vibrant and festive cards not only allowed them to express their artistic flair but also provided an opportunity to incorporate some of the Spanish vocabulary and phrases they have been learning.

As part of their ongoing Spanish curriculum, the students also wrapped up their unit on how to order in a cafe. This practical and hands-on experience not only enhanced their language skills but also allowed them to appreciate the importance of cultural customs surrounding food and dining.

Thank you for your ongoing support in making our learning experiences both enjoyable and enriching.

Miss Moles, Miss Thacker & Mr Carter

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