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Unlocking a distant past with questioning. ( No stone unturned )

Year 3 had a fantastic Stone Age day last week, they met a Stone Age man and used their questioning skills to wonder about life in the Stone Age.

After this, the children had the opportunity to shoot at animals in the hall; they were told that they had amazing aim and that they would have been successful at killing their own food in the Stone Age!

The Year 3's were able to explore some real animal bones and artefacts. They identified different animal skins (sheep, fox, rabbit and reindeer) and thought about the different ways that these would have been used; to sleep on or under, as clothes and as bags - were some of the suggestions the children came up with!

We created Stone Age tools using flint - the children had to use teamwork to attach their flint arrow heads to their wooden sticks with twine - this was very fiddly but the children showed resilience and perseverance!

We also explored cave paintings and how these were created. The children used charcoal on slate to create their pieces of art and then they wiped them off with their hands and printed their hands onto paper, exploring two different styles of cave art, artistically done by the campfire of course (well, a crackling fire on the interactive whiteboard)!

A wonderful day was had by all - the children were most enthusiastic and excited to learn as were the teachers!

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