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We've celebrated St. Valentine's day!

In preschool we have celebrated St. Valentine's, linking it to many areas of learning for the children.  Lots of physical development and creative thinking has been taking place in preschool, supporting building strength in hand muscles, investigating and creating with various materials, mark making with resources and having numerous conversations about our families we love and how being kind is a lovely thing to do. 

Some historical facts that we did not know:

Emperor Claudius banned marriage for Roman soldiers as he felt if they were married, they were not good soldiers as they didn't want to leave their families to go to war. Valentine did not think this was fair and arranged marriages in secret. 

Valentine's Day is a Christian celebration and they used it to remember St. Valentine. 

Valentine's Day started back with the Roman's and become a popular festival.

Gradually, people started to use St. Valentine's name to express their feelings to those they loved. 

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