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Year 3 visit the Botanical Gardens

This term Year 3 had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Botanical Garden in Leicester, to support our learning in Science and to give us inspiration for our poetry work in English. Year 3 explored plants that grew in different climates and thought about how they had adapted to live in the climates they did. They also explored herbs and their uses and had the chance to plant their own cress seeds which they took home to grow. 

In Science we continued this learning as we thought about the things that plants need to grow; light, water, air and space. We conducted an experiment where we planted onion sets with lots of space and then onion sets that were progressively more crowded. The children have set up an observational sheet which they will use to take observations of the growth of the onion sets over the next couple of weeks and they will take notice of which grow best. We look forward to continuing our work in Science and undertaking further investigations! 

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