Senior Leadership Team

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I first wanted to be a teacher when I spent the summer holidays helping my dad in his school, getting his classroom ready! I would boss all the pretend children around and write on the blackboard loudly! I have been so lucky to meet some very exciting people in my life and each one of them inspires me to be the best version of myself that I can!  We have a wonderful school and I feel very proud that over the last seventeen years I have helped the school to be the place it is now.


Executive Head

Mrs C Firth
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As a young child, growing up in a family of farmers with a love of animals, I could only ever imagine a life of working with horses. This was until my secondary school maths teacher told my mum and dad at parents' evening that I would make an excellent teacher one day! It turns out that, if people close to you wholeheartedly believe in you enough, you do begin to develop self-belief and see a future for yourself which you never before imagined was possible. I truly hope that my belief in the children of St. John's will impact on them in the same way, inspiring them to reimagine their ambitions on their journey to becoming the very best that they can be.

Mrs C Foster

Head of school

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Mrs K Harwood

Acting Head of school

I wasn't that little girl who played schools, instead of thinking I would be a pilot or a high-powered businesswoman on the train to London every day when I was growing up! However, after completing my degree, I realised how much I wanted to work with children so left the job I was in to complete my teacher training. It has been wonderful, over the last four years, to be able to shape the mathematics teaching for the children at St John's and I am excited about all the opportunities that are still to come my way in the teaching profession.


Mrs S Ross

Assistant Head of school

My inspiration for teaching is the belief that education has the greatest power to change lives. I relished all of my time spent in education, from school to university and now in my work. I hope that I can help children to have the same experience as me and go on to develop a lifelong love of learning



I used to be a dance teacher in primary schools and I loved teaching children so much, I decided I wanted to teach them everything! I have met many inspiring people throughout my years as a teacher and just like the children, I learn something new every day. Working at St John's makes me happy because of the sense of belonging I get from both the children and the adults. We are one big family!

Acting Deputy Head of school

Mrs T Salisbury
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Mrs O Hurford

I first wanted to be a teacher at university. I volunteered to mentor primary aged children. One of the children I mentored at the school was having a really hard time and faced many challenges in his life. We talked 3 times a week about his life, school and did some of his work together. At the end of the year he wrote me a letter explaining how his attitude to school and life had completely changed. It is a letter I will never forget. Two previous teachers have also inspired me in their own unique way, one was a PE teacher that went out of his way to show he cared and checked I was OK. The other was eccentric science teacher that made learning so fun,  and this is what I want for every child in our school.

Acting Deputy Head of school

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Mrs K Joubert

Assistant Head of school