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Bob and the Master Builders - Win First Lego League Competition!

On Saturday January 27th 2024, the school's representatives: Bob and the Master Builders, participated in the First Lego League Competition at Perkins. The dedicated children had been diligently working on their project every Thursday after school and during their lunches, preparing a robot capable of completing various missions within a two-and-a-half-minute time frame. Additionally, they had to devise an innovative project reflecting their passion for a chosen hobby. The children put in relentless effort to ensure they were well-prepared for the competition.

On the competition day, the children engaged in four events:

1.    Robot Wars:

In this challenge, the children executed missions to score points. After the second round, they held the first-place position with a score of 205. However, in the last two rounds, a decision by Bob to deviate from instructions resulted in an improved score of 210, leading to an overall fourth-place ranking.

2.    Innovation:

The judges were impressed by the children's ability to articulate their project, which included designing their own application to teach coding to children. The children's confidence and engagement level were outstanding, reflecting their dedication to learning about the project.

3.    Teamwork:

The children were tasked with choreographing a dance that required seamless teamwork. Drawing inspiration from a Fortnite expert, they successfully showcased their ability to work together as a team.

4.    Core Values:

The children proved to be excellent ambassadors for the school, displaying grace in the face of challenges, empathy towards others, and exemplary behaviour in line with our Christian values. They demonstrated sportsmanship by shaking hands and engaging with other participants.

In light of the outstanding performance across all four areas, I am thrilled to announce that the children emerged as the overall winners of the event. They will now proceed to the nationals, proudly representing the Peterborough area

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