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Creating our own Vegetable garden :)

During our current isolation period we finally managed to get to our own small plot and get some planting in for the lean times. The "garden" itself is pretty much starting from scratch, it just gets mown every year as I mow the rest of the estate (to be honest it gets the least attention of all).

This is our plot. 18/03/20

And so it begins. Annelliey breaks ground and puts the first two plots in.

Bit of a mixed event here. More plots going in and a cover is being prepared. You can see the turfs stacking up from the plots and also from where the pod flooring is being dug out. These will be used later (mostly for the wall mound, the wall you can see now starting...will deal with wall stuff in greenpod section) 25-03

Wall a little further on. Can also see the storage heater rocks which have been reclaimed from old storage heaters (a big thing this part of the world as no gas). These will be used for flooring for the pod, the reason this wall is being built here). 26/03

Meow playing catch with a moss ball. Meow was a feral kitten and is now 12 years old, he was born on the estate about a 100 metres away from the garden.

More rows dug, covers on, some fencing up.

Shot from main house greenhouse. Some of these plants are to be transplanted to our garden once prepared.

Another bed being constructed.

Added roof. Wind and pest protection

A general view of "finished" job, the main basics. Bushes this side of fence are 3 Sea Buckthorn and a holly.

Main overview of "finished" garden, now to the growing. 28/04

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