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Egyptian Kennings

Some Year 4 children have been writing special poems called Kennings using their knowledge of The Ancient Egyptians. A Kenning is a poem where each line has two words -a noun and a verb. We hope you like them!

Mr Nay

Pyramid creators Hieroglyphic painters Cat lovers Tomb guardians * Canopic cloggers

* although Bryn knew guardians to be a noun, he used it because it was such a good word Bryn

Paintings artists Sarcophagus builders Canopic jars sculptors Pyramids constructors Clothing sewers


Gods worshipping Isis worshipping Hieroglyphic writing Pyramid creating Pyramid defending Nile drinking Nile irrigating Water collecting Water channelling Gut collecting Brain discarding Liver preserving Sarcophagus filling Beetle placing Body cleansing After-life believing

Leyla B

Nile swimmers Pyramid makers Hieroglyphics writers Mummy making Tomb defender Body making


Wonder builders Mummy mummifiers Gods worshipers Cat lovers Brain wasters Intestines holder Hieroglyphics readers Gold diggers


Mummy mummifier Pyramid builder God worshipper Hieroglyphic writer Nile drinker


Sarcophagus sheathers Gods believer Cat lovers Nile survivors Papyrus growers Weird behaviours*

* although this is a noun, the author wanted to use this word because it was a good word.


God worshipper Ancient inhabiters Hieroglyphic writers Palace dwellers Papyrus makers Nile farmers Gold lovers Mummy embalmers

Taylor J

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