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Grafham Day 3

The final morning began with the big clean up. All of the children stripped their beds and cleaned their rooms to a good standard. Then, we all had a hearty breakfast prior to commencing our last day of activities.

Activities: mountain biking, rock climbing, power boating, canoeing, archery and crate stacking.

As the weather had significantly improved we were able to adventure onto the water in the canoes and learn how to safely control a canoe. On dry land, the adventures continued with more children learning about the skills needed to use a bow. Outside, children were building their teams skills to build a stack of crates on which they had to stand. It was wonderful to see the courage the children showed and support they gave each other as the tower got higher and higher.

Over the 3 days, the children have worked tirelessly to achieve the goals and be successful. They have worked as a team and whole group when needed to overcome some challenging situations. Every child has been amazing and shown loads of character and courage throughout. They have learnt new skills that will help them in school and their everyday life.


Whilst the children were amazing at clearing up, there are a number of items that were collected at the end. If you are missing any items please let us know and we will try to ensure the items are returned.

Hopefully, we will see the children on the next big adventure and another opportunity for them to shine.

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