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Mountain poems

Year Four have been learning about how mountains are formed by tectonic plates moving beneath the Earth's surface.

We used our imagination to write some poems about mountains. We hope you like them as much as we enjoyed writing them. Mr. Nay

Tectonic plates pushing and shifting

Then the mountain rumbles,

Tumbles and starts lifting

Smash and bash

Going up into the sky

Up so high


When tectonic plates push upwards it rumbles

But when they’re together they crumble

When they’re high, they’re still on the floor

While they’re sitting up in the clouds

What stops the mountain shouting its roar?

Does it hurt its mouth, so sore?

Amy H

Too Steep

Tectonic plates as wrestler stars.

Scattering violently as big as Mars.

Forcing up and down

Being pushed up like a noisy lift.

Shoving high with a gigantic shift.

Then it forms

The birth of a mountain. It’s too steep

It’s too big to leap


Tectonic plates screeching

Friction activating and stuttering

Land appearances rising

Mysterious landmarks

Over the years

Many remarks


Tectonic plates rumbling

And tumbling Pressure echoing

Forming a mountain

Crumbling down

Birds stuttering

Because is no air What stops mountains creaking

And echoing around? Now it is up into the clouds Over the years it grows into the clouds

The birds’ tweeting stops The mountain has stopped growing

The roaring has finished

and snoring began.

The mountain is dozing

It’s tired of growing.


The Birth of a Mountain

Tectonic plates fidgeting around,

No one can stop them or see them above ground,

Until crashing and banging ,

Here comes a Mountain,

Reaching up to the sky,

Until the growing mountain

Finally stops and settles down.

Written by Tabitha Sponsored by Grammarly

Tectonic Plates

Tectonic plates push and shove

Erupting volcanoes are flooding

Crumbling rocks are smashing

Tumbling tombs are destroyed

One climbing one falling

Nothing’s the same

Icy snow on the summit

Creaking and crashing as the plates crunch

Pointing peaks reaching up for the stars

Loud grunting and grinding

As they form a mountain

Terrific views when you ascend the steep base

Elevated, on top of the world

Success for mountaineers.

Leyla B

The creation of mountains and what comes next. Tectonic plates fighting underground, Even though you can't hear the screeching sound.

Crashing and bashing they shove together, Then the bumpy boulders withstand the weather.

On the mount they crash and bash, Now you can hear the shark-sounding smash.

In the chaotic collision, the mountains form

Coming to climb the boltic snowstorm. Puzzling pieces of tectonic plates

Lots of danger on the mount awaits.

And the smell of refreshing dew,

Towers across the mountain crew.

Evening comes the clouds are grey

Storms form, ready for their next prey.

Taylor Jones

The birth of a mountain

Deep underground

Something is happening

Tectonic plates are

Shifting and pressing

Like titanic wrestlers

Roaring and grunting

Rocks and boulders

Are tearing and creaking.

Something strange and

Mysterious is happening

With all that terrible

Tumbling and rumbling

Deep underground

Something is happening

The birth of a mountain

Is definitely starting.

Mr Nay

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