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Mr Hollingsworth - Business & Innovation Manager

I moved to St John’s Church school 11 years ago, when I decided I wanted to be part of primary education. I hoped that my move would immerse me in the world of primary teaching and learning so that I could focus my skills and improve my knowledge of ICT in education.

The moment I set foot in St John’s I felt connected, a sense of belonging that I can honestly say I have never felt before. The vibrancy of the school, the wonderful children and dedicated staff, make St John’s something wonderful.

Initially my main role was to support the school’s ICT and develop St Johns to become a Centre of Digital excellence. Soon after I started we all achieved the ICT mark, a prestigious award that recognises whole school excellence in ICT. Since then we have continued to evolve ICT in the school, looking forward to the new ‘Computing’ curriculum starting September 2014. We now provide and rich and vibrant provision of ICT that supports teaching and learning across the school and acts as a hub of excellence around Peterborough.

Over the past two years I have seen my role evolve, which has been wonderful for me. I have taught year 5 computing and loved every minute. I have been working hard with my Enrichment group, learning wonderful new IT skills and developing their skills in ICT. I have also started a programming club, or ‘Scratch Club’ as it is known, which I have seen grow from the original two children to nearly twenty!

We are now in  the new building . This is a new beginning in many ways for St John’s but with the old heart beating at the core. I know I am looking forward to many more happy years at St John’s, working with the wonderful community that we are blessed to be part of.

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