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Poems and Riddles from Year Four

While some children in Year Four were at Grafham, those children who remained at school wrote some wonderful poems and riddles. When we wrote the riddles we tried to use different starters to the clues and make the clues progressively easier so as you get to the end of the riddle, you should have a clear idea of the answer.

See for yourself below and why not write your own.

I would love to read them.

Mr Nay


When I am two years old I am two thirds of my adult size.

You will find me on the savannah or the grasslands.

Amazingly, I need 5kg of meat every day.

I do most of the hunting while he patrols the territory.

If you look closely you’ll see I am not the mane man!

In the summer my team brought it home

What am I?




You will find me asleep on the sofa.

When I am hungry I beg for my food.

My young are born in litters.

If you look closely you will see my whiskers.

Amazingly, I hate mice and torment them.

What am I?





When I feel the need to itch, I might rub my back on something.

If you look closely, you might find me climbing a tree.

You will find me very interesting because only eight per cent of my species like water.

Incredibly, I come in many different colours and can also be in different tones.

If you are unlucky, I might steal your food.

My young are called kittens.

What am I?





You will find me on the sofa.

Amazingly you can train some of us.

If you look closely you will see my fur coat.

If you throw a ball I will fetch it.

My young are called puppies.

When I am hungry I bark for my food.

What am I?






When I jump I walk at the same time.

You will find me in Australia.

My young is born in Australia.

If you look closely, I can jump higher than a tall cactus.

If you come close to me I might attack you.

Amazingly I can do tricks with jumping.

What am I?





If you look closely, my fur is really soft.

If you pass or throw me meat I will come and get it.

When it is winter time I hibernate in my cave until Spring.

Amazingly, I sleep until Spring.

You will find me snuggling in my cave in winter with my young.

My young are called cubs.

What am I?





My young are called pups.

If you wake me up I will attack you.

You will find me in a dark cave flying around in the dark.

Interestingly I live on a cliff with a cave.

When I am sleeping it is very dark.

If you look closely you will see I sleep upside down.

What am I?

Rearrange the letters below to reveal the answer



My Box by Lily.

My box is made out of wood.

It opens quickly with a touchpad.

When it opens it takes me to the same place and it smells like cat.

I feel happy.

Inside my box are the following-

My memories and my diamonds.

I feel happy when my box opens.

Happy because I forget what is in it.

It closes with a secret code for the touchpad.

And I feel happy because I don’t want my sister to get it.

Once it has closedI hide my box in my secret place in my room in the attic

And the hiding place door opens.

My Box (Anonymous)

My box is made out of glittery gems and sparkly glitter.

My box opens with a lovely singing and dancing ballerina.

When my box opens I hear my dancing and lovely singing ballerina.who I hear singing La-la la-la.

Inside my box is all my lovely gold and silver jewellery and all my memories from when In was younger.

I feel happy when my box opens because it reminds me of when I was very young.

When my box closes it closes with some smoke that comes out and goes PUFF.

I feel sad but I can open it when I want so I don’t need to be sad.

When I close my boxI hide my box under my comfy bed so no one will find it.

My Box by Dilara

My box is made out of black ink, glitter and stars.

My box is made out of purple cardboard and white dots (but the dots sometimes turn white) and LED lights.

It opens when the white dots turn black..

It opens very excitedly.

Inside my box are all my memories from school.

Inside my box are all my pictures of my favourite people, pets and places.

I feel very excited when my box opens. Shhh not a sound.

Because it turns up my favourite songs.

I feel very happy when my box opens because it sets up a very excited party when I get sad.

It closes when the dots turn white.

It closes when I touch it because it doesn’t like touches on it.

Once it has closed I hide my box the garden, inside the shed where no one goes.

My box is a robot

My Box by Mikolaj

My box is made out of wooden crates.

It opens as slowly as a slug.

When it opens, squeaking comes from the outside.

Inside my box are the following golden books.

I feel happy because my box looks so rare.

It closes so slowly that you can’t even see it closing.

And I feel super bored but happy.

Once it is closed I hide it in a place that only I would go.

Because it’s so rare that i wouldn’t even give it to people that are close to me.

My Box by Layla-Jane

My box is made out of snakeskin so it feels like leather.

It opens slowly so it is quiet.

When it opens I smell my mum’s perfume.

Inside my box I see my mum and dad but they’re small.

I feel happy because the leather smells nice.

My box closes with a song.

I feel disappointed when it closes and can’t wait until it opens again..

My Box by Cezary.

My box is made out of leather so it is waterproof.

My box opens with a

key and springs open.

When my box opens I feel a sense of joy.

Inside my box are my favourite games.

I feel excited when my box opens because all my games are inside.

My box slowly closes but loudly.

When it closes I feel a little sad but happy.

When it closes i put it under my desk.

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