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Book Amnesty

Everyone, we need your help! Throughout the year, hundreds of reading books have been borrowed and not returned to school. In bedrooms, living rooms and relatives' houses all over Peterborough, lovely books are waiting and hoping to be found and returned to school so that they can be read again. You can help!

Please can you route them out and send them back to us before the summer break. We will then lovingly restore them to our currently empty bookshelves so that each and every child will have everything they need to succeed on their learning journey. Children will be given 5 house points for each book returned. Seek them out. Hunt them down. Bring them home! We look forward to our school overflowing again. Thanks for your help :)

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Jacob Hitchens
Jacob Hitchens
03 ott 2023

I'm Jacob I returned 1 book didn't get any house points?

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