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Books on buses with St. John's Reception children!

What a great opportunity our Reception children had on Friday last week, being part of the launch of 'Books on Buses' in Peterborough. 'Hattie the Seasider' made a special visit to our playground, all the way from Skegness!

The children were very lucky to spend some time 'on board' and had a special storytelling session with the author of the book about Hattie and designer and illustrator of 'Hattie' the bus. The vivacity book bus was also here at St. John's, the children enjoyed looking at the books and completing a picture hunt on and around it. 

We are very lucky to be on the bus route 1, where 'books on buses' will be trialled in Peterborough following this launch - look out for them on your journeys and please encourage your children to read them and support this fantastic scheme. If the trail is a success, we are hoping to support the local authority in spreading 'books on buses' to more routes around Peterborough.

Mrs Foster

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