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Education at Home

Education at Home – trial ‘Live Lessons’ for all children begin tomorrow

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we are now into the next phase of schooling, and our purpose has returned to ‘education’, we are giving a great deal of thought to what this means for those children who remain at home. In light of this, we are moving on from ‘Home Learning’, which has involved teachers providing you with activities to do at home, and, as of next week, will be providing a comprehensive ‘Education at Home’ program, where teachers will teach ‘live lessons’ virtually for every child who is not in school. As always, we are approaching this with high expectations and a great deal of hope and courage! We are determined to support every child to ‘keep up’, whether they are physically back in school or not, in order that they are ready to move on together whenever the return to school for all children is deemed safe. You will receive a timetable for your child’s live lessons, which will begin next week, on Friday.

In preparation for this, we will be running some trial ‘live lessons’ this week, beginning tomorrow. The lessons will take place over Google Hangouts Meet and invitations will be sent to your child’s school Gmail account. The lessons will be taught by teachers and all your child will need to access them is a fully charged device (laptop, Chromebook, tablet or phone), a pencil or pen, and their home learning exercise book or some paper.

Please follow the step-by-step videos posted on the school website to show you and your children how to access their Gmail account and Google Hangouts Meet. Please check each morning this week between 8:30-9am, when the invitations for the daily live lessons will be sent.

Our teachers are really looking forward to connecting with the children again, and we hope that the children will enjoy reconnecting with teachers, and their friends, online.

Kind regards,

Mrs Foster



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