Family fun Thursday! - Spheros!

Today we learnt about controlling the Sphero Robots. We did this with an iPAD!

"It was hard but we had lots of fun. We could make it go fast and slow, backwards and forwards, left and right."

"We changed its colour so we knew which one we was controlling, really helpful when we had a race!"

Brilliant new experience! - Daniel
I used to do something like this with wheels at lunch time with Mrs Pugh - Immanuels
I think this is great! - Mr McLaughlan
Can I have one for Christmas?!! - Jessica :)

"We showed courage because it was a bit scary because it was new to us and we didn't want to go wrong and then break them."

"We showed belonging because we all came together, family, friends and teachers to have a really fun morning."

"We showed hope because Mr Hollingsworth helped us and made it easy to do."

Angel & Ruby

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