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This week 2BM kept warm around the fire pit and used their imagination and story stones to tell a story. The story had everyone gripped as they heard about a baby that ran away into a deep dark forest and met a man who had lost a key! As anticipated, the ending was equally gripping as a giant tub of popcorn was being chased by a cat and ended up being squashed by a very fast car!! Everyone said they loved telling stories and the best thing  was being able to make people laugh.

3RM reflected on their lesson last week and recreated a harder obstacle course using crates. The whole class agreed that everyone would need courage to attempt it as there were some twists and turns that made it complicated. I am very proud to say that everyone had a go and children showed kindness and hope by helping and encouraging others who were anxious about taking part.

4DR brought their class topic into Forest School and built a Viking and Anglo Saxon village in Peanut Park. Initially, they found it hard to live peacefully side by side but like the Vikings they showed humanity and made peace with the Anglo Saxons. They shared knowledge and resources and joined forces to keep watch in trees for any enemies that were looking to attack them.

In family cooking this week we made stewed strawberries and blueberries and served it with toasted brioche buns. Putting fruit inside the buns made it even more delicious!

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