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Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for 'bearing with us' today in planning, preparing and organising this new term again in a very different way to how we initially anticipated. Our staff have worked tirelessly today to work out how we can maintain our high standards of teaching, learning and support throughout this national lockdown and are keen to get started tomorrow!

We will be 'ready to go' and will look forward to seeing all children online for collective worship tomorrow at 9:15am. Children will need:

- to be logged into their Google account on their device

- have their headphones connected if they are using them

- to go to the 'St. John's Whole School' Google Classroom and click on the 'Google Meet' link at the top

- be wearing a huge smile and looking ready to re-start this year with vigour!

Live lessons will then begin at 9:30 am tomorrow, where children will access their class' Google Classroom.

Children in Reception will be sent a link to the worship and to their Live lessons via Google Meet.

For those who are awaiting loan devices, we look forward to more children joining the sessions later on this week.

Wishing you all a restful evening - we have a plan, that we can, and will, make work! Together, we can do this, we will achieve, learn and grow despite the national lockdown.

Kind regards,

Mrs Foster

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