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Dear Parents and Carers

We are moving into the spring term full of new beginnings and hope, the days are still short and the mornings dark but we can see on the horizon days where it will be lighter for longer. I am hopeful this is a metaphor, the vaccination is on its way and we can perhaps see light at the end of the tunnel.

However times are pretty tough at the moment. As you will be aware the new variant of Covid-19 is fast spreading – this is having a significant impact on the R number across Peterborough. If we do not implement more stringent methods of reducing the viral load we are looking at more cases in our community and, potentially, in our school.

I read this just before Christmas: “Without additional restrictions, the second wave of COVID-19 in England is projected to be more severe than the first wave.”

This is a stark warning and it is critical that we all abide by the new restrictions put in place for Tier 4 and take an even more precautionary view of our actions, thus mitigating risk. The School’s Leadership Team spent last week re-writing the risk assessment, looking at how we can mitigate against these higher risks. You can find this on the website. I apologise for the rather firm tone, but we really need to be able to keep our number of cases low so that we can remain open.

From next week we will be: 1. Increasing the frequency of cleaning during the day. 2. Expecting all parents to wear masks or visors when dropping off and picking up their children. 3. Expecting children to be dropped off by only one parent, that they remain socially distanced and that when drop off/pick up is over parents move on quickly. 4. Creating two meter markers to ensure children and parents keep their distance. 5. Asking you not to engage with staff on drop off, instead use email or ask for a phone call. 6. Closing the school office to face to face meetings. Please ensure your child is on time and does not come through the front door. If you are late you will need to call the office. 7. Ensuring that the ventilation is good, keeping the viral load down. This term temperatures are likely to be low and it will be essential to ensure your child has suitable clothes. Extra layers and coats will be required. They will also need hats, scarves and gloves for outdoor PE lessons. 8. Asking parents to reduce the amount of equipment that is brought into school, a water bottle and packed lunch for those who have packed lunches are all that are required. Please do not send in bags.

I have been so grateful for all your hard work last term in being vigilant and sticking to the rules, please continue to do this.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Firth

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