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Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope that you and your families are keeping well and staying safe. We really do miss seeing all the children and families in school and hope that the calls you have been receiving from teachers over the past few weeks have been a welcome source of connection. I can certainly say that our teachers have just loved making these calls and speaking to you and your children has resulted in lots of smiley teachers!

As we continue to refine how we are staying connected, you may have noticed we have already made some changes to our daily collective worships on the school website: 

- these are led by a a range of different staff so that your children can 'see' different faces

- Sarah Gower is now also leading the Thursday worship, as she would if we were in school 

- the children and staff currently in school each week are leading the Friday worship as they would if we were in school. 

Through continually refining our online practices, we do hope that more and more children will connect with the regular routine of school (as 'regular' as we can make it!), whilst at home. 

As of Monday, we will also be including an online 'Celebration Collective Worship' as we would if we were in school. We would like to use this as an opportunity for staff, children and parents to nominate members of our school community to celebrate their achievements. The celebration of successes is important in all phases of life, but especially so in such times of adversity that we find ourselves in now. We will try to add as many visual images to this as possible so that you and your children can 'see' a continued connection with the whole school community. 

Staff from school have made nominations for the first of these, on Monday 11th May (available from 8am on the school website), but, from this Friday, 8th May, you too, will have the opportunity to make nominations for the Celebration Collective Worship from home - you could nominate your own children, a member of staff, another child, parent or family, or someone from the wider school community. 

I will leave it to Mr Hollingsworth to show you how to make the nominations...look out for this option on the school website from Friday!

So, I hope that you can 'join in' on Mondays! Let's celebrate, together, every Monday morning, and start the week with 'smiles of pride' for all those who are thriving in our school community, despite everything - together, we will achieve, learn and grow, no matter what!

Mrs Foster

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