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Over Easter we'd love to see your rainbows!

Draw your rainbows with beautiful colours, to signify hope and joy and then ask someone at home to take a really good photo (see tips below). Once you have your photo, email it to me directly and I will put them on our Website Homepage! That's right, your image could be on the homepage of our website and be seen all over the world!!

Follow the tips below and start sending them in over Easter.

Happy drawing; let's make the world smile :) TIP 1: When drawing your rainbows, make sure your paper is landscape, as shown below. The homepage slideshow is also landscape, so this will mean more of your beautiful image will be seen.

TIP 2: Use bright colours! You can also add a message, just make sure your words are clear and beautiful too! TIP 3: When you take the photo make sure the paper is nice and flat, that you have good, even light and try to avoid shadows if you can. TIP 4: When you email me the images on make sure you email the Artist's Name in the email body along with their class. In the Subject please write RAINBOW and then your school name i.e RAINBOW ST JOHN'S, or RAINBOW WINYATES. Have fun and Happy Easter to you all.

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