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AUTHOR:Abigail McLoughlin

SCHOOL: St John's

YEAR: Year 4

'My ( and Mummy's ) 30 day wild'

  1. My 30 days Wild

  2. (narrated by Abigail - typed by mummy)

  3. As we are not going far from our home, Abigail decided to do most of this in one day at Ferry Meadows while walking our dog Poppy. - Elsa, Abi’s mum

  4. This week I saw dragon flies which were blue. I also saw the sky which was very blue this weekend.

  5. Last week, we took Poppy in the rain to Ferry Meadows. We started in the forest part and I saw lots of rabbit warrens, and pine cones. I also saw some fox poop which Poppy rolled in...yuk!

  6. There were some trees that had been cut down and I took a picture to count the rings later with daddy.

  7. Along our walk we saw lots of pretty flowers, which I also took photos of, and we came across cows in the water meadow. The tree in the middle looked really scary.

  8. We also saw Swans and ducks, and even found some really small frogs, which I held and made sure it was done nice and gently so not to hurt it.

  9. Along our walk, we came across the Roman building remains, my dad took a picture of me standing in the middle to show me how big they are.

  10. I was excited to see the conkers starting to grow on the trees. When we were leaving to go home, I saw one of the helicopter seeds lying on the ground, and I tried to make it fly.

  11. My mum has uploaded the photos to my google drive, and has shared them with me and Miss Henson.

  12. I really enjoyed my day out, it was lots of fun.

Abigail McLoughlin and mummy

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