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Dear Parent/Carer

What a very challenging week for everyone. There is definitely light at the end of the Tunnel

with mass vaccination being rolled out, already close to 2 million people are vaccinated. My

Grandma of 95 had her first shot in the arm yesterday – she cheered!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who have managed this week to help

their children engage with the remote learning.

I have had some lovely feedback so far, the live lessons seem to be going well and for many of our older children this means that parents can hopefully engage in their own work.

We continue to think about how best to plan these sessions. I was at a planning meeting just this morning where they constantly asked “ how can children do this at home?” “what do parents need to do – how can I make that easier?”

For many of you this is not the first time and you are now experts!!! Mr Hollingworth and

his wonderful ICT team are available via email if you have any ICT issues.

I hope you can see that we are also taking mental health very seriously – this second

lockdown will be more challenging for our mental health and we are here to support. You

should have all had the email about Wellbeing Wednesday updates.

Yesterday I sent out a letter from Jonathon Lewis asking you to think carefully about sending

your child into school. The greater the numbers of children in school the higher the rate of

transmission will be.

For some children there is not an option, parents are working incredibly hard in the fight

against Covid and so we must support this. Please think very carefully about whether the

place in school is required.

Wishing you all a very safe weekend – remember

Stay at home – protect the NHS – save lives.

Mrs Firth

Executive Head

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