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I am delighted to announce the two winners , Elisa and Daniel.

I have two photos from Elisa but I think both photographers deserve a mention.

My photo is called Creative Nature Art. I learnt that I needed to get the right angle to get a good picture and as the sun was setting it was sending beams of light into the picture. Which made it look magical - Elisa

You have discovered the wonders of a light flares here Elisa. A wonderful way to create atmosphere and emotion in your image. It makes it feel ethereal and almost like a dream. You also have managed to create some BOKEH in there, which is a technical term for that soft focus we see in the background. This helps isolate the subject again giving a great sense of focus and atmosphere. A wonderful image!! Well done!! - Mr Hollingsworth

And here we have the same image but without the light flare. A fantastic shot but so different from the last. Goes to show how light can change an image and create something special. Well done - Mr Hollingsworth

I learned that light can help a lot with photography - Daniel

What a wonderful composition Daniel! I can clearly see you have spent a lot of time creating the scene here. It made me laugh as I have a feeling that all the bears are looking at the one in the middle saying "Where's our Biscuit and Drink?!" - so funny

You are so right about light. It is the most important factor! Good light not only ensures a good quality image but also creates atmosphere as we can see in this image and Elisa's . Your light is great and I can it coming in from the right, creating shadows and atmosphere at the table.

Superb work and you should be very proud, I am !! - Mr Hollingsworth

Well done to you both , I will let your teachers know about this wonderful work.

Perhaps we could all show our appreciation of this fantastic work by pressing that like heart below :o)

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