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My brother, Craig and his partner Annelliey live on a beautiful, remote island called Rousay. While life up there can be harsh they have wonderful experiences that we all thought we would like to share with you all. I have spoken to them both and asked them to send me updates as they work their land, their lives and experience wildlife at its best on their island.

Their updates hopefully will inspire us all and remind us all how precious our environment is.

I hope you enjoy their tales and I am sure you will join me in saying thank you for taking the time to share your life with us.

​Mr Hollingsworth


‘Tales from Rousay’ offers our school community a new way to connect and learn, an island steeped not only in rich history, geography, and archeology but has residents who foster a deep relationship with the natural world and strive towards a more sustainable way of living.

Craig and Annelliey demonstrate resilience on a daily basis, following their desire to become self-sufficient they take risks, learn from their mistakes, and above all, make decisions based on their respect for the environment. They are crucially aware of how they, with limited resources, can make a difference in an ever changing world, never compromising on who they are and accept that diversity inspires new possibilities.

Our aim is that ‘Tales from Rousay’ will form part of our wider curriculum. In Forest School we will be developing our school to be more sustainable and finding new ways to connect with nature and the environment. Inside the classroom, there are lots of opportunities for questioning, debating and making links with class topics.

I am really excited about the development of the blog and how two individuals, far far away, can share their values, ideals and above all their beautiful island. Personally, I am really looking forward to the updates of when Orcas arrive!

Mrs Henson

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