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We will be announcing these scores every Friday

Class totals this week: 30th March-3rd April 1st Place - 5OH – 130,778 2nd Place – 4ET – 54,291 3rd Place – 6SR – 50,911 4th Place – 5AH – 50,731 5th Place – 4AP – 44,624 6th Place – 3AJ – 31,290 7th Place – 3RM – 29,407 8th Place – 6CK – 23,168 9th Place – AC – 21,457 10th Place– 4DR – 13,142 11th Place - 5RD – 12,030 All other classes scored zero We are very proud of children who are continuing to read and take quizzes. (Children with* 2nd week) School readers of the week – Elisa Berisha – (5OH) 109,276* Amelia Wrobelwska (4ET) 54,291 Chloe Carroll (6SR) 50,911 These children have all passed quizzes this week: Sarah Froto Gomes Da Silva (3AC)* Ruby-Jo Cowlbeck (3AC)* Tsvetizara Ivanova (3AC) Jessica Cowlbeck (3AJ) Chloe Steel (3RM)* Emile Sidlauskait (4AP) Arosaghe Jones (4DR)* Olivia Reid (5AH) Jessica Booth (5AH)* Katelyn Fraser (5OH)* Beverly Jones (5RD)* Keisha Reid (6CK) 

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