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Dear Staff, Parents and Carers

As you are aware, over the last twelve years St John’s and Winyates have worked closely together and we have seen each school flourish during this time. In the last couple of years, we have wanted to formalise this relationship by becoming a federation. Many of you will know that wehave previously started this process but, unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, this has been held up and it meant that the timeline given passed without being able to complete the process.

We have now re-submitted the proposal, which has been agreed by governors, and is attached for all staff, parents and carers to read through. Essentially, nothing will change for any staff or pupil as we have been working as a federation for so long and each school will maintain its personal identity. This federation will ensure that our relationship will continue to flourish as we welcome more and more families to St John’s and Winyates..

If you have any questions about the attached proposal, please email me at or before Friday 24th February.

Yours faithfully Mrs Firth Executive Head St John’s Church School and Winyates Primary School

Federation Covering Letter 060123
Download PDF • 343KB

St John's & Winyates federation consultation proposal (1)
Download PDF • 331KB

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