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Year 3 RE Day

On Wednesday 27th November, the whole of Year 3 took part in our second R.E. Day

where we focused on ‘Trinity’. During the day, we thought critically to understand what

trinity actually meant and we learned that ‘tri’ means 3 therefore ‘trinity’ meant that God

is ‘3 in 1’. We explored this further through passages from Bible and learned that Trinity

is a way of describing ‘God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.’

Using this knowledge, we worked collaboratively to explore some critical questions such

as “How can we represent the Holy Trinity?” and “What does the Holy Trinity mean to

us?”. To help us understand the Trinity better, we decided to critically explore each part

of the Trinity.

First, we looked at God the Father. We learned that God is described as God the Father

because we believe that God is the creator of everything and looks after us like a father.

To help us solidify our knowledge in this, we recited the Lord’s prayer chorally. We then

collaboratively worked in our groups to come up with actions to represent each line and

we performed this for others.

Next, we moved onto God the Son and explored how Jesus came down to Earth at

Christmas. We did this by comparing the meaning of Christmas carol lyrics and Bible

quotes from John. We had so much fun listening to and signing the Christmas carols!

Then, we looked at God the Holy Spirit and explored the critical questions such as

“What does the Holy Spirit look like?”. We also looked at the similarities and differences

of child vs adult baptisms. It was interesting to identify the differences and understand

what baptism actually meant to Christians.

Finally, we investigated paintings that represented the Holy Trinity. In our groups, we

discussed the similarities and differences. Furthermore, we began to explore how we

thought the Holy Spirit could be represented to us.

We had a wonderful R.E. Day. We enjoyed sharing our thoughts and listening to

different ideas to us – it was so much fun!

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