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Year 4 Art Exhibition 2019

What makes us who we are?

We are so proud to share a few images and words, taken from last night's incredible Year 4 Art Exhibition. Our children's work was displayed in a dynamic setting. The children and teachers have worked tirelessly on this project all term, reflecting and investigating 'What makes us who we are?'.

Their goal was to answer this question by illustrating it through various forms of artwork, using many different mediums. In addition to this, each child wrote an incredible reflection on the project's question. This was also placed on display. When all the work was completed we designed a beautiful book showcasing this work, which was made available to all parents and friends of St John's, 188 pages of beautiful work and words!

We are all so very proud of the quality of both the work by the children and the energy and enthusiasm shown by the Year 4 team and staff at St John's that helped make this unique moment happen.

The hall was brought to life by the generous support of Mr Soccio, who helped us transform the hall into a colourful, entrancing space. To further create mood, myself and Mr Soccio provided live, ambient background music.

The sense of community and belonging that came from last night was something that we at St John's will never forget and we look forward to many more moments like this with our children and their families.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Mr Hollingsworth

The lights glimmered, the mellow music soothed us and wonder and joy suffused the atmosphere.

What an amazing event our art exhibition evening was. It was so wonderful to see our children dressed up for the occasion and proudly showing their families the wonderful work they had produced.  The sense of pride in all that each child is and could be was truly tangible and there were so many family members expressing gratitude for the ambition and opportunities that St John's offers to their children. This whole project has really been a team effort and the sense of togetherness and belonging is what has lifted it to greater heights. We now know so much more of all that makes us the complex, fascinating, creative human beings that we are. The incredible gift of having all of this work captured in our project book,  a reminder of all that we have learned and shared, is something that I, and many others will treasure forever.

Mrs Riddy

What an inspiring evening to see staff, children and parents celebrating together the success of year 4's 'what makes us who we are' and of course the live music.

The staff gave the children an opportunity to discover and think about who they are through many media's using the whole curriculum and much more, to celebrate achievement and feel successful. It was very emotional lots of smiles, laughter and tears from parents, seeing what their children can aspire to and how valued they are not only by them but all of the staff at St John's Church School.

From the red carpet entrance, a welcoming drink, the creative way their work was displayed, live music and a printed book containing all of their work.

A very professional event.

Another success at St John's Church School.

Mrs Koenig ( Chair of Governors )

"Being here feels like a big hug. A beautiful evening"

Mr Hollingsworth's Mum :)

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