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A truly wonderful evening!

What a truly wonderful evening!

As a school, we have had a focus on creating a sense of belonging. An integral part of this, is appreciating and understanding the community that we belong to. Therefore, as Year 6's we wanted to give something back and show our gratitude to those who make a positive impact on our society by cooking and serving them a three-course meal.

In preparation, the children have used their forest school sessions this term to create their own kitchen garden; grow their own produce and cook their food for the evening.  

I felt proud to be a governor at St John's. The children had put so much planning, thought and effort into to the evening . What an amazing way to celebrate the Christian value of belonging.

As school finished yesterday, the children quickly prepared the hall for our guests: setting up tables and chairs, laying the tables, putting out candles and preparing drinks. We had a great turn out with a nurse, a couple of paramedics, some governors and a number of PCSOs joining us for the evening. 

On the guests' arrival, the children had designated roles, with some children seating the guests and others taking orders for food and drinks - they were excellent waiters and waitresses making sure no glasses were empty. The homemade (forest school) vegetable starter and tomato pasta were great successes with many of the guests in awe, declaring that we had some budding chefs in the ranks! After serving the guests, the children joined the members of the community for each course to enjoy the food and talk! The evening was finished with the children presenting their homemade desserts, with some children explaining why their dessert was important to them and how it helped to make who they are. A lovely evening, filled with smiles built on the foundation of our Christain values: belonging and service. 

Hannah Huxley "I loved last night! I like that we got to be waiters and waitresses. My job was to take drink and food orders. Also, I got to try on a paramedics outfit and ask them lots of questions about their job - It was great!" 

Isaac Hides " I thoroughly enjoyed serving the police and people of the community. My favourite course was the homemade vegetable soup, it was delicious. I hope we do more events like this in the future!"

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